Zoning Land

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Should the land be rezoned from an agricultural to a manufacturing use?

The change would allow for the construction of Trim-Rite's proposed pork plant and slaughterhouse. The county zoning board approved the plan Thursday night. Now some residents in the area are concerned.

Dianna Schreck's home is her little piece of heaven. It sits on the farm she grew up on and she loves nothing more than staring at the scenery, losing herself in memories.

Schreck says, "I just think I have the best of the best and now it's going to turn into a nightmare."

A nightmare that has could be formed into industrial development. The 145 acres next to her could soon be rezoned from agricultural to manufacturing. It's one of the spots Trim-Rite is said to be eyeing it for a new pork processing plant and slaughterhouse.

But across the street, Scott Jones is on the other side of the fence, literally, the land is in his backyard, but he figures the development is coming whether he agrees or not. He says if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Jones says, "If they want to put a building there and give jobs, I'll be okay with it."

Schreck also believes it's too late to stop the zoning change, she just hopes county leaders will consider her and her neighbors in the process. The issue goes before the full board March 9.

Economic Development Director Bob Skurla says this rezoning plan has been in the works long before the trim-rite development was a possibility. He says it's part of the county's plan to bring more businesses and jobs to the area.