Two Members of the Same Family Receive a Transplant

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It has also been one of the saddest times for the Sager family, but at the same time they were crying tears of joy.

Forty-nine-year-old Randy Sager has a very special reminder of his Aunt Carol Sager. It's his liver.

Randy says, “I felt at first that I didn't deserve it, but then I thought look at how many people Carol helped. Not only did I benefit, but all her organs were sent to the University of Wisconsin-Madison hospital."

On February 20, Carol died from a massive stroke. The family was already dealing with some bad news. Randy just found out days before that he needed a new liver or he could die in six months. Carol had planned on being tested to see if she was a match. This is when the miracle took place. The stricken woman's liver was transplanted into her ill nephew's body.

Cindy Sager, Randy’s sister, tells 23 News, "Everything that's happened has happened for a reason and we are truly blessed."

The family knew Carol's life ending was inevitable, but at the same time Carol could help give randy another chance. Organ donation was very important to her.

Randy states, “I feel happy. I feel at peace. I feel the best I have felt in a long time."

This all happened so quickly that Randy never even got on the organ donation list. That is another triumph considering it normally takes months even years to find a match.

Randy says, "There are many good things that can come out of being an organ donor. Look at me; I got a brand new chance at life."

Finding the perfect match has happened to the Sager family before. Twelve years ago Randy's older brother David received a kidney transplant from his sister.

Randy set some new records of his own at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hospital. He is now the quickest person to recover from a liver transplant and holds the record for being so quick to receive a new liver.