New Information in Baby “Crystal” Case

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On December 17, the body of a white, full-term female baby was found along the side of a country road in northwest Winnebago County. Investigators named the small victim "Crystal."

The details surrounding this case are extremely difficult to fathom, not just for all of us, but for the team of investigators working to solve this crime.

All law enforcement departments in the Midwest are notified when this type of situation occurs, but now the Crimestoppers program has been brought in. Crimestoppers networks throughout the region will start publicizing the case.

Coordinator Rich Gambini wants to emphasize that every piece of information is important. If you know of someone who was struggling with an unwanted pregnancy or someone who was distraught, that information could be very valuable.

The Sheriff's Department is also trying to gather information about a vehicle that was seen in the area around the time the baby was found. Investigators are trying to identify a young, white female with black hair driving a red Grand Am or Cavalier in good condition. At this point it's unknown if this car was involved.

"We're trying to emphasize that we're not saying that this is the car. We'd like to eliminate if it's not, so if someone was up in the area on the day in question, December 17th, get a hold of the department. At least we can eliminate the fact that this was not the card involved," says Crimestoppers coordinator, Rich Gambini.

Once again, Gambini wants us to understand that this car isn't necessarily involved in the crime, but it is something investigators need to rule out as soon as possible.

If you have any information, contact the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department Police Detective Division at 987-5922, Sgt. Wagner at 987-5972, Rockford Crimestoppers at 963-7867, or your local Crimestoppers program.