Winnebago County Board Will Vote on Impact Fees

Next Thursday the Winnebago County Board will vote on whether or not to allow impact fees on new homes built in Winnebago County. The fees would be given to local schools to improve on existing buildings and to build new ones.

Some people claim that to only assess the fees on new homes is unfair because the majority of new homes are being built by people who already live in this area.

Real estate agents and home builders have expressed their concern that the fees will be a deterrent for local development, and that it is not only a problem for new home owners. They believe that the school districts should pass referendums so the taxes are shared by all residents

Proponents of the impact fees admit that they will not solve the school funding problem, but it would definitely help.

Even if the county board approves the fees it will still be up to each school district to decide whether or not impact fees are right for their area.