Famous Metal Band Speaks to Area Artistic Students

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Stripped down from their eccentric costumes, heavy metal band Gwar had a unique acoustic gig Wednesday afternoon. They weren't rocking out, but speaking out to an excited south Beloit high school audience.

"It makes me think that anything is possible. They did it. I can do it, anyone can do it," freshman Bridgette Murphy said.

Music teacher Zack Newman spent weeks recruiting the band who jumped at the opportunity. While athletes have their pep rallies, the school's artistic talents had the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the band.

"The kids were great, they asked great questions. Not much has changed in these high schools," Gwar frontman Dave Brockie said.

Aside from writing their songs, Gwar members also design all their concert props and costumes. The band's musical and artistic ambition had students excited about their own ambitions.

"Saying that dreams to come true, and as long as you stick with it and have courage to do it," sophomore Zack Koroll said.

And 20 years living their dreams on their terms, Gwar members left the students with the simple message: you can do anything, just do it well.

"If anything else, I hope our visit can inspire them to, whether they want to be in a band or make art or be an astronaut, that they can do it," Brockie said.

It’s a message heard loud and clear by the receptive student body.