New Manufacturing Businesses on Horizon

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With Rockford real estate group Landmark Development, Inc. locking up two long-term leases to bring auto suppliers to Belvidere, partner Bob Sanches says the added business could just be the beginning.

"There's going to be a lot more coming in, not only to the suppliers, but other companies that are looking to come into Belvidere," Sanches said.

The new companies will provide engines, doors and other parts to the Daimler Chrysler Plant. It's part of the plant's expected new trend that brings in parts from outside companies. This, after the new contract for Daimler workers goes into effect later this year.

"Obviously it's going to create jobs, which is great for the community. The mayor over there has done a wonderful job, has had an open door policy which is very helpful," Sanches said.

The developer says aside from a spark in jobs, the auto suppliers should spark other types of development in and around U.S. 20.

"As you see other companies in here they are going to bring more jobs, will have more people moving into the community as well, so that will help the housing industry retail, have a trickle down effect," Sanches said.

And with Boone County economic development agencies predicting a potential 1,000 new jobs filtering into Belvidere, developers are excited about what economic growth could be on the horizon.

"We are situated in such a great location in the middle of the country with Just In Time, rail, we are perfectly situated. We have I-90, the I-39 corridor; it's just a great location," Sanches said.