Local Pastor Will Soon Be of Medical Assistance in Sri Lanka

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In just a week, Memorial Baptist Church Pastor David Walton will go from preaching local sermons to saving international victims in Sri Lanka.

"Hearing the devastation that took place, when I heard of the opportunity to go and help minister, I knew it was just a great chance and opportunity to get involved," Walton said.

The pastor will be on location in the heavily devastated city of Galle. There, Walton will assist doctors and nurses, but admits there are uncertainties.

"I wouldn't say anxiety, unknown of where we are going to go to stay and what kind of accommodations. Yet, there's just kind of excitement to go and help minister in anyway we can," Walton said.

Walton will be part of a medical team of eight other doctors from all over the country. The pastor made sure to protect himself before he protects others in Sri Lanka.

"My arms are sore. I got six shots today. There are concerns about a lot of diseases that are out there, but we'll be careful. My wife made me up my insurance," Walton said.

And in just days, the pastor will volunteer his medical services, to a nation ravaged by Mother Nature, but energized by the human spirit.

"Sri Lanka is a tourist attraction, really close to Baptist ministries, and we're excited to get in there, and meet some people," Walton said.

A spiritual and supportive mission of a lifetime for one area pastor.

Memorial Baptist Church is also contributing to the relief cause. If you want to donate money for medical supplies, you can at woods equipment company. So far, the relief raised $3,500.