Ice Storm Hits the Stateline

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The first winter storm of 2005 made driving conditions a bit slippery Tuesday. Most of us spent the morning scraping the ice off our cars.

City works crews were busy salting the roads to try to improve those conditions. Here’s how the roads are looking now.

The roads are still pretty slick, so if you have to head out you'll want to drive slow and be careful, but the temperatures have warmed up since the morning, which is certainly improving road conditions.

There were a few minor fender benders earlier, but overall police say not too many weather related accidents today. Perhaps because city works crews got an early start Tuesday morning.

Twenty-two crews were out salting the main roads by 8 a.m., most of them in brand new trucks. The department just received twenty new vehicles that carry nearly double the salt.

Rockford street crews have wrapped things up for now, but Bill Moore of the Rockford Public Works Department asks us to still be cautious if we are planning on driving Tuesday night.