Continuing Local Tsunami Efforts

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In speaking with Sri Lankan Pastor Tissa, you realize last week's tsunami not only had physical devastation, it carries psychological devastation.

"The whole nation is feeling the impact of this. The sadness and gloom permeates the whole nation," Tissa said.

After hearing from his brother-in-law, Rockford Pastor Dill De Alwis says it's evident the relief from the local Hope Fund must start pouring into Southeast Asia immediately.

"We want to get a consensus of opinion and it seems like what is emerging is right away we need to send a bulk of that to them," De Alwis said.

Another local relief network, the Circle of Love Foundation, also discussed their relief strategy. With $13,000 and medical supplies already collected, the group will send a desperately needed resource: water purification systems.

"It's easier to prevent disease by giving good water, then to cure people after they get sick," Helen Laib said.

And with thousands of Sri Lankan natives homeless, Tissa says the ongoing local support has energized a nation crippled by disaster.

"Unbelievable sense of gratitude and support and strength that we feel by the support, shown by people. This is one of the factors that enables us to confront this situation," Tissa said.