Forum Gives Mayoral Hopefuls a Chance to Stand on Their "Green" Platform

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Guest moderators and local Sierra Club members fired away various environmental questions to the candidates.

Current Mayor Doug Scott discussed his previous Sierra endorsements and the city's plans to add new bike pathways on East State Street.

Republican candidate Gloria Cardenas Cudia voiced her city beautification plans on city historical neighborhoods and the park district.

Larry Morrissey, running as an Independent, pointed to his ideas on renewable energy and expanding green areas north of the Whitman Street Bridge.

All three enjoyed the forum opportunity.

"Being around our parks and our golf courses, the measures that we have taken to preserve our environment has given me a plus," Cudia said.

"Now we have our green community coordinator that's there to help out on programs on more green issues, so I feel good about the record that I've had," Scott said.

"We deal, however, with this problem of urban sprawl that occurred in Winnebago County and to correct that we've got to give incentives to invest in the older parts of the community," Morrissey said.