Cable Rates

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If you're one of the 117,000 Insight Cable customers, you've seen it, a $3 price adjustment on your bill that's raising classic service fees from $39.95 a month to $42.95.

Insight spokesperson Barb Viola says she knows it's a sensitive subject, but the increase had to happen.

"The programming fees in access of 14 percent. We're trying not to pass that on to customers, but some costs are passed on in order to provide quality service," says Viola.

Viola says there's a host of aspects tied into the adjustment, including day to day operating costs. Last year, Insight raised the classic package costs by $4 and Gregg Roberts of Stateline Satellite says cable cost increases may push more customers his way.

"I think our sales are going to pick up; we're seeing that already," says Roberts.

Roberts says for about the same price, Dish Network subscribers get 120 channels as opposed to the 67 at cable, but Viola says, "There's a lot of things we offer that they don't, there's no service charge, we don't make customers sign a contract.”

So here in the stateline not only are prices increasing, so too is the competition for customers.