UPS Passes Up Rockford for New Sorting Hub

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In less than 24 hours we've gone from a great possibility to holding an empty bag. Rockford was one of six cities being considered for a new sorting hub for United Parcel Service. It would've meant up to 1,000 new jobs for our community, but UPS has decided to locate to another city.

It's an economic package stateliners would've been happy to receive, but instead United Parcel Service decides on Louisville, Kentucky for its new sorting hub, delivering up to 1,000 new jobs for that community instead of ours.

Six other regional hubs for UPS were also trying to land this deal. Earlier Friday before the decision was announced a spokesman for the company hinted that Louisville might be the favorite.

“The main hub in Louisville is where you start your examination because that's where most of the flights come in and out everyday, but there could be a lot of other factors that would tip it to a regional hub like Rockford” said a UPS representative.

Factors that Mayor Doug Scott says the city and the state had been working on around the clock for the past few days. Mayor Scott says tax incentives weren't the deal maker or breaker this time. For UPS he says it came down to pure logistics. However, Scott says for future developments, Rockford still has a lot to offer.

“Cost, great airspace, road network, rail, all of those things make it attractive to UPS, to BAX and other cargo carriers as well,” says Scott

While it's a disappointing day, Scott says he’s looking at the positives and opportunities that may lie ahead in the future.