Hooters Air Working Towards Increased Ticket Sales

The airport is averaging about 230 daily one-way tickets sold on Hooters Air. Still in the first month of operation, the current numbers are short of the roughly 340 tickets per day that they would eventually like to get.

Airport director Bob O’Brien says that sales will continue to grow and that he is excited about the programs that the airport is running to stimulate sales. Among these include extending the date of reduced airfare for Hooters Air.

The normal rate starts at $99 per ticket, but for the month of February prices were set at $69. The discounted rate of $79 will continue through mid-March.

The airport is also promoting its online “Miles Ahead” program which offers the opportunity to get free trips and cash back. Bob O’Brien says that the whole story isn't in the numbers; the long-term plan is what's important.