Rockford Area Venture Club

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Many are hoping a new program will breed innovative ideas and opportunities for our community.

Nick Parnello is an inventor, and for the past 25 years he's been creating products for the marketplace.

"There's nothing in our pockets that wasn't in the mind first. If we don't take care of innovators, we'll lose our edge," says Parnello.

Parnello has invented various pieces of testing equipment for the microwave industry.

"One of the more successful things was a product for the telecommunications industry called "tangle free.” [It] untangles your phone cord, wound up being one of the strongest patents in U.S. history," says Parnello.

So now Parnello is sharing his wisdom and expertise as the Rockford Area Venture Club coordinator, housed in the Eigerlab.

"Rockford Area Ventures is an outgrowth opportunity government provided through grants to work with local entrepreneurs and inventors to help them nourish, fertilize and grow ideas," says Parnello.

Right now Parnello is in the process of developing a core group of individuals, a solid foundation of people who've been through the invention and patent process. Once the core group is in place, the public forums will begin.

“You got to have someone who believes in you, that's the key to the whole thing. We're like soldiers for America. This country wouldn't be what it is today without inventors," says Parnello.

Parnell says the ideas are here and he's hoping the venture club will help turn those innovations into products and new jobs for the stateline. If you'd like more information, visit