Big Bar Weekend Wraps Up

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The last of the New Year's Day football fans take in the final minutes of the Illinois-USC bowl game at the Sportspage in Rockford. It's the end of a marathon weekend of business there. "I'm wiped out. I'm ready to enjoy my day off tomorrow," said Bar Manager Matt Pendergrass. A tiring weekend for this bar manager, still pouring drinks close to 8 o'clock Tuesday night. But it was far from a tiring weekend for the bar. Pendergrass says New Years weekend makes the top five list of the busiest times of the year there. And when New Year's eve falls on a Monday, that brings in major bucks compared to your average start to the week. "We probably quadrupled our business for a regular Monday what we usually do," Pendergrass said. And add to that a New Year's day with a major football line up that brought the crowds starting in the morning. "At 10 a.m., right of the bat, you have die-hard Wisconsin fans here and that leads up to alot of big games," Pendergrass said. As those big games came to a close, Pendergrass enjoyed some down time with bar patrons and looks forward to more..."Come on Down," he said. But not without some shut-eye first. Other bars around the area tell 23 news theY also had a busy weekend. And that they are looking foward to what business will bring in 2008.