Raw Sewage Leak Affects Stateline Neighborhood

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On Saturday morning, Denny Passialis awoke to a horrific smell only to find his basement covered in the ultimate worst case scenario; bubbling, raw sewage.

"Walking to discover eight inches of water that was black, and hard to breathe," Passialis said.

Passialis' family wasn't alone. More than a dozen homes in Misty Meadows development discovered their basements knee deep in human feces, the second such sewage leak in the area in four years.

"We pay enough in taxes to be able to insure this wouldn't happen, that raw sewage wouldn't be backed in up our home," Passialis said.

South Beloit sewage crews tackled the mess within15 minutes. However, Passialis says such a leak, believed to be caused from pipes being stuffed with rags, should never happen in a modern municipality.

"They were there when I need them, but I also need the city to be there when we need them on a daily basis, not for this to ever happen," Passialis said.

Passialis, who is not insured for such a leak, estimates his basement's cleanup will cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Instead of stuffing the stockings this holiday season, Passialis now must stuff his basement with cleaning supplies.

"It's going to hurt the family, especially my children to be able to provide them with a lot of presents and a happy Christmas. I'm going to quarantine off my basement and have to worry about feces and diseases," Passialis said.

It’s a mess one area neighborhood must tackle, one humidifier and ammonia bottle at a time.

23 News spoke with South Beloit Mayor Randy Kirichkow. He calls the Misty Meadows sewage leak an unfortunate incident, but says no plans are in the works to overhaul the city's sewage lines or reimburse affected residents for cleaning costs.

Crews will check the line on Tuesday to make sure there is no major break. If you have any questions, call South Beloit's Sewage Department.