New International Terminal Makes its Custom Debut

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They're home. After leaving for Cancun Thursday on Sunship One, Rockford's debut international passengers debuted the international's terminal custom checks.

"Going through customs was a breeze. I've never gone through customs that quickly before, and to be just a few minutes from home makes it that much nicer," Lori Sikes said.

"It was more economical. It was simpler, more pleasant. You just come here, get in your car and go home," Sikes said.

In 12 minutes, 57 passengers and Sunship One's crew passed through customs. After touching down around 6:20 Sunday evening, passengers using RFD's free parking were free to head home just in time for dinner.

"It was very organized. As soon as we got there, we were led right in. I think it took my husband and I probably 30 seconds to get through," Sikes said.

The international terminal now gives RFD even greater leverage in luring carriers for European flights out of the Stateline. With five carriers now flying in and out of Rockford, airport officials believe the new customs continues the airport's fast growing new beginning.

"The federal government poured a lot of money into infrastructure, and this just goes to show that we are no longer just the airport down the interstate from O'Hare," Franz Olson said.

After traveling on Rockford's first international flight, these passengers are excited that Rockford's first customs test ran both quickly and smoothly.

"After leaving at 9 a.m. this morning from Cozumel and taking the ferry over, it's been a long day, so when you get home, the quicker you can get through, the better," Sikes said.

It’s a brisk trip through customs, finalizing RFD's first international flight in the history books.