Snow Free Roofs

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (AP) -- As residents across Wisconsin shovel away the remnants of the weekend snowstorm, one snow-removal expert is reminding them to keep their roofs snow-free as well.

Jerry Haasl is the owner of a snow-removal company in Wisconsin Rapids. He says most people think the threat from snow on a roof is weight.

But he says the bigger threat is ice dams. Those form on roof edges when heavy snowfall is combined with rain and long-term cold.

As heat inside a home rises, it melts the bottom layers of snow on a roof. The water trickles to the roof edge and can freeze to form a dam that causes water to collect and leak inside.

Haasl says his company has already cleared three times as many roofs as it did all of last year.

He says people can do it themselves but they should do it from the ground to avoid falling.


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