Website Helps Keep Others Updated About Hospitalized Patients

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The site is a place where the Morrissey's can update family and friends and where we too can show our support.

23 News Reporter Natalie Kaplan looked into whether this service is also available here in Rockford.

When someone we know has to be hospitalized it's natural to want to be informed about their condition but sometimes we feel awkward about calling or visiting, not wanting to be intrusive. That's why so many have started flocking to a special website to stay posted.

It's called CaringBridge. A patient or a patient's family can create their own website while someone is being hospitalized.

A patient advocate for SwedishAmerican Hospital says, "It's focused on family's communicating to everyone when they're going through either really exciting and good things like having a baby, or some of the more traumatic things like a crisis or medical emergency."

As well as medical updates pictures can be uploaded. Plus, family and friends can post their own messages.

Now, SwedishAmerican Hospital has a link to CaringBridge on their homepage, so its patients can take advantage of this service during both good and bad times.

In the last 90 days, SwedishAmerican Hospital says it's had 1,000 messages posted on the CaringBridge site and it's only been up and running for a couple of months.

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