Gov. Blagojevich Proposes Meager Education Fund Increase

School Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson says the small increase in the total education budget may not seem like much, but it all depends on how it is divided.

The truth is that it will still be at least a few months before we truly know how the budget will affect Rockford schools. The problem is that even if we know the set dollar amount form the state, we won't know what portions go where until the budget breakdown is set at the end of the school year.

One key to the budget breakdown will be the foundation amount which is the dollar amount paid to the schools per student. Last year the foundation amount was raised by $154. That increase was equal to three point two percent of the total budget.

Dr Thompson says that he believes there will be an increase once again this year, but it will probably be closer to $50 or $100 more per student.

When the governor took office he said he wanted to raise the foundation amount by $1,000 by the end of his four-year term. In his first two years it has increased by $404.