Those Who Got Scammed Fight Back

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The Rockford Police Department gets numerous reports every day of people being scammed. In our community there are some pretty believable storytellers out there who are trying to make a quick buck.

There are two separate incidents on two different sides of town, but both with the same goal to scam the elderly out of money. Carol Holstein lost $20 when she gave a woman who claimed to be her neighbor money for a cab to work, but when she called the scam artist’s alleged employer, this is what she found out.

Carol Holstein says, “I called her employer, Hampton Inn, and they said they got the same phone call from about six different people, but she doesn’t work here.”

On the other side of town, scam artists were using Virginia Polittzi's name and posed as her son. The son, who really is a scam artist, said Virginia was injured and he needed their help. The reality of it was that they were just trying to get money from her elderly neighbors. She says they must have gotten her name off her mailbox.

Virginia says, “To have someone pose as my son who would never do a thing like that and they posed as my son to take advantage of my neighbors who have given their life to keep our country safe and free. That is going way across the line.”

Since this happened the two women have been telling everyone and anyone to be on the lookout. Virginia evens gives a vehicle description and the last three numbers of the scam artist’s license plate.

Virginia tells 23 News, “The truck is black. It’s a new black truck and it has white lettering saying ‘The Black Knight’ in cursive. The last three digits on the license plate are 918.”

The two hope that they can get the City of Rockford to form one large neighborhood watch group then they wouldn't have to think twice about neighbors helping neighbors.

This scam is similar to the one we told you about Monday. Rockford Police say three people are asking strangers money to buy gas, get their car out of the shop, or pay for a cab to visit a sick relative.