Oregon and Rockford Roundabouts

City council members have voted not to go any further with the plans provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Converting the intersection would include tearing down a portion of two historic buildings, an idea that doesn't sit well with many community members. They'd like to see Oregon recognized as a historic district which could bring along its own benefits like grant money for infrastructure improvements.

Mayor Tom Stone says the roundabout is a moot issue at this point and he doesn't expect to hold any further meetings about it. He does however expect that the council will continue to consider the historic district option, but while a roundabout may not work for Oregon, Rockford city and business leaders seem to be giving the idea the green light.

The intersection of Auburn and Main is the proposed site for a possible roundabout. A roundabout isn't the only option that's been proposed; one included widening lanes which meant a lot of businesses would be knocked down. This plan still would also call for some businesses to be knocked down, but not as many.

A study has been conducted and presented to City Council. The idea is now in front of the planning and development committee. So far, all signs are a go.