Byron School District Has Three Options

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Currently the Byron School District has to eliminate anywhere from $2.7 million to $3.5 million during the 2005 – 2006 school year. Monday night, Byron Superintendent Carroll Smith presented three options to the board and the community.

"We are left out in the dark. We are left out about what is going on in the district and what could be cut."

That is what one parent told Byron board members Monday night, but many in the audience are not in the dark anymore. Superintendent Carroll Smith presented three options that the board has to vote on soon. After hearing about these choices it became crystal clear that some steep cuts are inevitable.

Superintendent Carroll Smith says, “In each of these options we have an increase in class size and that is a huge hurdle for teachers to overcome."

Option A will eliminate $2.7 million and get rid of about 53 full-time staff members. Option B cuts $3 million and 61 staff members would be out of a job. Option C takes away $3.5 million and 71 full-time staff members. After Superintendent Smith revealed what the board has to choose from the public had some of their own suggestions.

Judy Coltman spoke on behalf of the district’s support staff. She suggested that the district “excessive amount of coaches, change participation fees and make the deepest cuts to most expensive extra curricula’s first."

One of the three options will have to be chosen by April in order to get RIFT notices in the mail. The board has a closed door meeting to discuss what they heard Monday night on February 21.

Superintendent Smith told board members if they do nothing by 2010 the district will have a $25 million deficit.