The Case of the Missing Heart

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But the city is dealing with at least one broken heart this Valentine's Day. It's the case of the missing heart.

The two hearts adorning the Loves Park sign on riverside were ripped off at some point this Valentine’s Day. Loves Park Mayor Daryl Lindberg found one of the hearts in the nearby bushes. But the other one is still missing.

"It's unfortunate. It’s an act of vandalism. Hoping someone will find it in their heart to return this heart to Loves Park," says Loves Park Mayor Darryl Lindberg.

Mayor Lindberg wonders if someone needed a quick valentine present, but adds that this type of vandalism is disheartening to the community.

"The Park District was nice enough to establish a beautiful planting area and put up a sign, it's a beautiful sign, and unfortunately someone had to come along and destroy it," says Lindberg.

Although the city's heart may be aching, it's still beating strong.

"What do you say when they take the heart out of your city. Hopefully we'll get the heart back or get it transplanted," says Lindberg.

Mayor Lindberg says if you have the sign, you can return it anonymously to Loves Park City Hall. No one will get in trouble this time. The city just wants its sign back.