Trim-Rite Is Not Coming to Town

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President and managing owner of Trim-Rite, Jim Jandruczek, spoke with 23 News on the phone Friday night.

Jandruczek says, "Rockford is 100 percent out of the race."

He had 12 locations to choose from and has narrowed his choices down to three. One location is in Illinois. The other two are out of state.

Jandruczek says the other cities offered incentive packages. One of those offers is most likely to have come from the City of Freeport.

23 News spoke with Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz who could not confirm or deny the fact the Freeport is one of the top three.

Mayor Gitz says, “There are a lot of things happening. I don’t think as a mayor that it is appropriate to make any announcements.”

Jendruczek tells 23 News that he should be making his final decision in the next three weeks.