Hamilton Sundstrand Update

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Nearly 300 Hamilton Sundstrand workers learned this past November that they would lose their jobs early this year. Because of those layoffs, Hamilton Sundstrand announced Friday that operations in the East Rock Industrial Park will move into the company's building on Harrison and Alpine.

The good news is no additional jobs will be lost because of this move, but the bad news is earlier layoffs enable it to happen.

This past November we learned that Hamilton Sundstrand was moving some of its operations to Florida, Arizona and Puerto Rico. About 275 workers will be laid off. Workers manufacture parts for the aero-space industry.

A vacant space will now be left at the plant at Harrison and alpine, so UAW spokesman Jeff Bronson says operations from the East Rock Industrial Park are moving into that space.

As for the layoffs, Bronson says they're still negotiating with Hamilton Sundstrand, but the timeline looks like this:

At the very earliest about 180 to 200 workers will be laid off at the end of this month. The rest of the workers will be laid off around summertime. Bronson expects the phase-out will be complete by 2006. Hamilton Sundstrand says it'll better enable them to compete in the aero-space industry.

About 120 people work at the East Rock Industrial Park location. They conduct emergency power operations for Hamilton Sundstrand.