Local Group Calls for Animal Services Director's Resignation

Members of Adopt Shelter Animals Please or ASAP, believe that we have regressed in our efforts in Winnebago county to help out abandoned animals. They also believe that the current Animal Services Director is not doing his job.

For this reason the group requested that Animal Services Director Gary Longanecker be removed, but County Board Chair Scott Christiansen says it is not necessary and that Longanecker has been doing a good job.

The ASAP members also presented detailed recommendations on how to revamp the current system. The plan included promoting adoptions out side of animal services, offering low cost spay/neuter clinics, and developing a strong community volunteer program.

Scott Christiansen says that this is the first that he has seen the plan, and he will run it through the proper channels. He also added that when it comes down to it, Animal Services can only do so much.

For now ASAP members can only hope for the sake all the dogs, cats and rabbits confined to shelters. That what they had to say at the meeting Thursday didn't fall on deaf ears.