New Information in Baby Crystal Case

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Some new information may help law enforcement in their search for baby Crystal Doe's mother.

On December 17, a newborn baby girl was found dead on the side of a road in northwest Winnebago County. Her tragic death was ruled a homicide. She perished as a result of hypothermia, but now the toxicology test results have been released, shedding some new light on the investigation.

"Crystal's body contained high levels of cocaine and the metabolite of cocaine and she also had hepatitis B in her system, which indicates to us that's what the mom was carrying," says Winnebago County coroner Sue Fiduccia.

"We know that to get cocaine in her system, mother must have been using it at the time of birth. Hepatitis B coupled with that may show prolonged drug abuse. It puts a different light on the issue on who we're looking for," says Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers.

Sheriff Meyers says the new information helps narrow the search for Crystal's mother, allowing police to work their sources in the world of drug activity who may know some answers.

"Maybe there's someone out there that knows of someone they thought was pregnant and now they know that person was a carrier of hepatitis and they'll come forward," says Fiduccia.

Fiduccia says this case holds a special significance to all involved in the investigation because everyone feels the heartache, the pain of knowing a tiny newborn baby was never given a chance at life.

"It's very personal to all of us that were there that night on the scene. It's very personal to all of us and we'd like to know who the mom is," says Fiduccia.

"Abandoning a baby in freezing temperatures in nothing but two garbage bags, it's a hell of a way to come into this world and out of this world," says Meyers.

If you have any information regarding the death of baby Crystal, please contact the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department at 987-5922, Rockford Crimestoppers 963-7867 or your local Crimestoppers program.