Local Fans React to MLB Steroid List

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"I'm really angry someone that really didn't need to be using steroids is using steroids."

A lifetime of idolizing Roger Clemens, has Mike Lamps feeling like a sucker. Clemens is one of more than 70 Major League Baseball players accused of using anabolic steroids.

"This is the modern era version of the Chicago Blacksox. This is 'say it ain't so Joe' all over again but this is far more damning than that ever was," he says.

Lamps works for memorabilia shop Tomorrow is Yesterday. He expects sales of Clemens baseball card and other such steroid users to plummet, because fans will now see these legends as cheaters.

Over at East High School, student athletes say they're not surprised to hear who's juicing up.

"It's amazing that all have taken steroids have taken them and gotten away this long. Some of them show they get big real quick," says East baseball player Caleb Cooper.

Athletic Director Steve Powers says unfortunately repercussions are minimal.

"They still have a home-run record. They still have the various records even if there's an asterisk in the book beside it they still got the pr and made the money on contracts," he says.

"It's kind of an understanding. I know the type of seasons these guys deal with and the pressure that put on them the type of security with the contracts they sign," says RiverHawks catcher Andrew Sweet.

Sweet says he's never tried steroids and doesn't think his teammates use them either. But says they're incredibly available and tempting, especially when there's a huge chunk of change waiting at home plate.

The RiverHawks test for recreational drugs at the beginning of spring training. And the league tests only two players per team for steroids. The RiverHawks Assistant General Manager says it would cost ten-thousand dollars to test the entire team for steroids and there's not enough money in the budget to do so.

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