Bus Driver Beating

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Bus driver Ray Hulmes could not identify the two students that struck him as the got off a Rockford school bus.

As the investigation continues, new information is being uncovered about what some are calling the districts failure to enforce existing rules, and discipline problem students.

Tuesday bus drivers we're outraged at the district even before they found out how the district was handling to bus brawl.

That's because they say the district in the past hasn't disciplined students according to policy. Bus drivers say the Rockford School District has a track record of not punishing students for misbehaving on buses.

23 News has learned principals in the district get a per diem payment on each student, for each day they ride the bus to school.

Bus drivers say it could be the reason why principals don't punish problem kids to the fullest extent.

Chuck Alberts is a bus driver in the district; he says lack of punishment is only making problems on buses worse.

Bus driver union rep. Ralph Kischner met with transportation director Greg Wilson to iron out the details of the investigation into Tuesday’s bus brawl, which includes possible expulsion from school and jail time.

In the meantime, Rockford police will continue to question students on board the bus when the two punches we're thrown.

And the school district has installed a camera to keep track of exactly what is going on.

The bus driver hit, Ray Hulmes has chosen to switch bus routes, effective Thursday.