West Side Gets Housing Development

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The Rockford City Council just approved a new mixed-income subdivision for Rockford’s west side, an area that hasn't seen much development in years.

Rockford resident Louvetta Thomas knows first-hand the challenges of finding affordable housing in Rockford, especially on the west side of town.

“You have to go through so much to get it and then so much to be able to hold on to it,” comments Thomas.

Thomas applauds news of a plan to construct some 84 mixed income homes at Springfield and School Street, a proposal okayed by Rockford’s City Council Tuesday night.

"We need that project on the west side. We need a lot of help over on the west side,” says Alderman Dick Goral of the 7th Ward.

Community leaders say affordable housing isn't the only benefit of the development. They hope bringing more people to the area will encourage economic development.

"It will bring a lot more jobs, money and tax dollars,” adds Goral.

While many agree that the west side needs extra attention. Some community leaders say the new Emerson Estates subdivision will benefit the entire city. So far 23 homebuyers have committed to the new subdivision and two businesses plan to setup shop in the neighborhood.