Flood Plains in Freeport

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Right now a developer is looking to build condos and homes on the city's northwest side.

A frozen flooded field could be the site for a new residential development. If approved eventually 59 condos and six single family homes will go in an area near Yellow Creek. According to Marianne Garvens, that decision would be a major mistake.

Garvens says, “In our area we have high ground water tables and springs so the Pecatonica stays at a consistent height. We have saturated soil with not a place for rainwater to go so it stands in yards. We have better places to build."

Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz says those against the development are jumping the gun. Gitz says a site plan will address concerns before the development even gets going.

Mayor Gitz tells 23 News, "Before we issue a building permit we'll verify the flood plain lines. We will also verify the plans and make sure there isn't water coming onto the development or coming off other properties that will affect this in a negative way."

Garvens says flooding is a problem because the city simply does not have enough storm sewers. Mayor Gitz sees the situation differently.

Gitz says, "Just because you walk out in a field in wet weather and see water does not mean there's a drainage issue."

If the Freeport City Council doesn't tackle this issue before the February primaries then maybe the voters will take it to the polls. Mayor Gitz is up for re-election and Garvens is running as a non-resident mayoral candidate.

The Freeport City Council was supposed to address the project at their meeting Monday night. Instead, the Yellow Creek development will be addressed at the Planning Committee on Thursday night.