Last Day for Satellite Jail

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After Monday night, the Winnebago County's satellite jail will be empty. The move is part of the county's plan to save $1.2 million. Twenty-six inmates are moving to the main jail and the rest have been released. This is a move that has both the inmates and community questioning their safety.

Jail officers say it's hard to see ninety-six beds empty, especially when there's so much overcrowding at the main jail. Winnebago County Corrections Director Dina Getty says the county simply can't afford to pay personnel to run the jail.

With an already overcrowded jail, ninety-six inmates would not fit. So, county officials reviewed the inmates cases and past history and decided to release seventy inmates. The county says they targeted people that pose the least risk to the safety of the community.

The work release program, which is on the second floor of the building, will remain open. Corrections officers say they expect to see an increase in people being sentenced to this type of release.