Remembering a County Board Member

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Of her many qualities, former county board member Judy Barnard says the late Polly Berg's unwavering commitment to county issues is what she'll miss the most.

"Whenever Polly felt strongly about something, she really got involved, and she learned as much as she could about the issue. She stayed with it until something happened," Barnard said.

Things usually did happen when Berg got involved. Barnard credits the Democrat for her passion in projects to re-energize Rockford's west side.

"She felt that this area was being underserved, and she went after that, and my gosh, she got it done, so when she took on an issue for her constituents, there were always good results," Barnard said.

Beyond the West Side, Berg also leaves behind a stellar environmental record. Barnnard says Berg constantly stuck her neck out on issues like a leaf burning ban, preserving the forest preserve, and proposing alternative energy in the new public safety building.

"I think Polly will definitely be remembered for her concerns, for environmental issues, because she was always out on front of those, and she really set a standard for the rest of the county board," Barnard said.

A mother of seven, who Barnard says will be remembered as a mother figure for her constituents, and her community.

"She was a really dedicated, loyal advocate for her people, and for the county, and it's going to leave a big void," Barnard said.

A life defined by service, and tireless effort spent on her community for the late Polly Berg.

Former Winnebago County board chair Kris Cohn says Berg will be remembered for her leadership on critical county environmental issues, including the leaf burning ban in unincorporated areas in the county. Funeral arrangements have not been finalized.