Small Town Reacts to Fatal Home Invasion

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Genoa's Chris Iscra was relaxing with her children Friday night, when suddenly a quiet evening became anything but.

"I looked out the window and noticed they were taking somebody out in the stretcher," Iscra said.

Police and paramedics swarmed the Genoa cul-de-sac after two Schaumburg men entered this home on John Court, confronted the resident with a gun, and shots flew.

"I saw them taking out somebody, but they had oxygen with them, so I wasn't sure what was going on and I was concerned it might be one of the kids," Iscra said.

While the homeowner's two children weren't injured, the two intruders did suffer. Police say after the homeowner wrestled away the gun, he shot both intruders. One died, the other injured after being shot in the abdomen. The break-in that turned deadly stunned the community.

"I was shocked. Small little town, you don't expect things like that here," Lee Berott said.

Authorities say these individuals were after something specific, drugs. Police uncovered 100 pounds of cannabis and $17,000 inside the residence and believe this might have been a distribution operation.

"Seemed very nice and cordial, helped me shovel my driveway when it snowed, said hello. I'm very surprised," Iscra said.

"Just played with his kids outside, have a beer, cut grass, stuff like that. Yea, just a neighbor," Berott said.

And the day after, neighbors like Iscra are baffled that a home invasion with fired bullets went down almost literally next door.

"It's nice and quiet. We picked this area ‘cause it was so nice and family oriented," Iscra said.

It’s a quaint, family-friendly town stunned by the events inside the home of one family.