Mimi Murphy's Medical Breakthroughs: Lightening Rosacea

Medical Breakthroughs
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Rosacea is characterized by a red face and neck and in extreme cases, inflammation. While there are medications to treat the inflammation, doctors say more help is needed to treat the redness. Now a light may help where creams fail.

Dorothy Mosley is taking full advantage of retirement. "We went to South America on the first cruise we went on," she says.

Mosley documents every trip with photos she turns into a show. The most recent ones are especially exciting.

She says, "I had never gone that long without having a reaction so it was quite thrilling."

Mosley has rosacea, a condition where blood vessels stay dilated. She says, "It was like blushing to start with but then when you realize it's different, it's the heat. The heat is intense."

Today, the redness is minor. The difference came in a flash.

Dermatologist Randy Coverman, M.D., uses a new pulse light called EsteLux to shrink the vessels. It heats them until they disappear.

"These were people who were embarrassed to go out, their faces were always red, and people would look at them, and now they can go about their business and enjoy life," Dr. Coverman tells Ivanhoe.

It also has cosmetic uses. Dr. Coverman says the size of EsteLux is very unique, so the procedure can be done quickly.

Allyson Jennings is here to take care of her freckles. She's already had her chest and back treated.

"The worst part is the burning afterwards," says Jennings. In just two weeks, though, the freckles will be gone.

Since rosacea is an ongoing condition, Mosley may need the treatment again. But for now, she can focus on playing.

Depending on the condition and the size of the area that needs to be treated, patients may need multiple treatments. After the treatment, the skin turns red for a few weeks before clearing.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Randall Coverman, M.D.
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