500 New Jobs for the Stateline

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Chrysler awards a $200 million contract to a Michigan company to build a sorting center for the Belvidere plant.

The move will create more than 500 new jobs; that's on top of the 1,000 jobs Chrysler announced last week.

Chrysler delivers another boom to the stateline economy. The company has contracted with TDS to build a parts sorting center for the Belvidere plant, a move that will create more than 500 new jobs.

"More good news for Belvidere, more good news for this entire region," says Belvidere Mayor Fred Brereton.

The new 500,000 square foot facility will be built just west of the Belvidere plant. Workers will sort and sequence more than 2,300 parts for assembly line workers. A Chrysler representative says imagine it like building a car from Legos.

"If you had a Lego model car and all you had to do was put out your hand and the next piece would appear, think of how much faster that would be than having to dig into the box to look for what piece you need next to build the model car," explains Chrysler Business Opportunity Communications Director Dave Elshoff.

The exact hiring process for the sorting center will become clearer in the coming weeks, but Mayor Brereton predicts that we can expect to look beyond the Chrysler plant for job opportunities in the near future.

"The trickle down of this much job creation is significant," says Brereton.

And with so many jobs headed to the area, there'll likely be more traffic on these roads, so Mayor Brereton is looking into making some updates.

"It’s not unlikely to think about a new turn lane, traffic lights to accommodate traffic created by the increased employment."

It’s paving the way, Brereton says, for even more developments in the future.

Construction on the new sorting center will begin in the coming weeks. The work is scheduled to be complete by October, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on the hiring process as details become available.