Ogle County INS Detention Center

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The proposal to build a 600-bed INS Detention Center in Oregon with county funds is still alive, but appears to be on life support. Tuesday the Ogle County board agreed to vote on a motion to reject the plan next month.

Area residents who packed a county board meeting came on a fact finding mission.
But after grilling officials from the INS and U.S. Marshal's office many say they came up empty handed.

"They didn't give us firm facts or figures. They gave us nothing in black and white,” comments Oregon resident Dennis Saam.

"When they've been asked very specific question from the community about economics and the impact they never have absolute answers,” says another resident Tom Peters.

But some county officials say they need more time to gather all of the financial information and weight the benefits.

"It's too soon. We're in a sense being forced to get all of the facts now, but this is a work in progress and it will take time to get the information. It's not fair to anybody to give incomplete info,” adds Captain Beitel of the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department.

But board member Doug Zuehl had heard enough an made a motion to reject the proposal. The board will not vote on the issue for at least thirty days. So there will likely be much more talk on the issue.

Board members and citizens expressed great concern that the INS could not give a firm per day figure on what they would pay to board prisoners, and that the county would break even on the deal, however some say the area would see economic benefits from construction jobs, jobs at the new facility and increased traffic to the region.