State of the Union Preview

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In just a few hours President Bush will deliver the State of the Union Address. Here’s a look at what we can expect to hear Wednesday night as well as why experts say the president can't afford a poor performance.

It may be the most important State of the Union Address in President Bush's second term, and the stakes are high.

"He can't afford a bad speech. This is really a high pressure situation for him," says political science professor Robert Evans.

It’s high pressure because his agenda is packed with controversy. On the domestic front, questions loom about his plan to privatize social security.

"I'd like him to talk about social security, specifically what he plans to do," says Nathan Baker.

Polls show younger Americans are more supportive of his proposal which would give future generations the option to invest part of their income into private accounts, but to win additional support, experts say President Bush will need to provide more details.