Byron Residents Hope a Pill Is the Answer

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With the heightened threat of a nuclear attack, residents living near Byron Exelon Nuclear Plant have been urging the government to distribute anti-radiation pills. People living within 10 miles of four downstate facilities have already received their pills.

Saturday was Byron's turn

Residents living near the Byron Nuclear Power Plant lined up to receive an
11-cent pill that many believe will protect them from radiation poisoning. But these pills only protect the thyroid gland from radiation poisoning, but does nothing for the rest of your body. So experts warn that people shouldn't get a false sense of security.

The sudden interest in radiation blocking pills comes from growing concerns that terrorists might detonate a dirty bomb or attack a nuclear plant. But the best way they say to protect yourself is to evacuate. Byron residents are just glad they have some form of protection.

People are advised to read the directions they received with their pills carefully. There are some people who shouldn't even take this drug and children have special precautions.

Officials say they estimate that the shelf life of these pills is about five years.