TMA Cancellations?

Sally Truitt of "Truitt Travel" books a good number of trips to Las Vegas and Florida from Rockford, and she says clients have been experiencing some delays and cancellations with TMA.

"The unfortunate thing to only having one airline here is when you do have a cancellation, there's isn't an alternative, our backup like O'Hare or Milwaukee, where they have to put you on another flight," says Truitt.

TMA spokesperson Colin Wheeler says, quote, "We haven't recently done any cancels on Rockford flights."

He says there have been some slight re-times and delays, but no cancellations. Truitt says if a client is making a connection out of Florida, possibly to catch a cruise, she'll recommend they fly out of O'Hare.

"The problem is the number of aircraft we have here, we don't have the backup equipment to pick up the slack," says Truitt.

And Truitt doesn't think the addition of Hooter's Air to Rockford Regional Airport will solve the problem.

"It's not going to change, there's a limited number of aircraft going to destinations and they won't be able to accommodate Rockford to Las Vegas passengers when they're only flying to Myrtle Beach," says Truitt.

But Truitt admits despite the possibility for delays or cancellations, "The convenience is wonderful and it normally outweighs the disadvantages in the event of cancellations," says Truitt.

Dave Lindberg of the Greater Rockford Airport Coalition hasn't heard about any problems with TMA cancellations lately. The airport's deputy director of air service, Derek Martin, referred all questions to TMA.