Tuition Increase

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Lack of state education funding continues to leave schools searching for money. Illinois school districts have already had to find numerous ways to slash their budgets. The same problem is also affecting colleges.

The 2005 - 2006 tuition at Rock Valley College is going up. If approved, students can expect a $3 per credit hour increase. Credit course fees will remain the same.

RVC President Dr. Jack Becherer explains that this is "in order to keep class sizes down and continue to offer the same amount of sections so all our students can find classes available."

Becherer says the choices were either to raise tuition or make some major cuts in other areas. The last time students experienced a hike was in spring of 2004. Those students 23 News talked to say they are not too concerned.

Antonio Love said, “It shouldn't be that bad of a price compared to other schools that don't even offer as many things as Rock Valley College offers."

Rachael Johnson stated, "Being it's a community college people are going to come and it's affordable and reasonable."

We have about four other community colleges nearby and even with the increase RVC is still the cheapest.

Becherer says, "We're always going to be the least expensive, but our goal is to provide post secondary education for people who need affordability is one of the reasons they come."

Dishing out a few dollars more is not just at the community college level. Higher tuition is also what students in Illinois' public universities like Illinois State or Eastern have already experienced.

The Rock Valley College Board of Trustees has the final decision on the proposed tuition increase. The trustees meet February 22nd.