Native Iraqis Prepare for Big Vote on Sunday

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For a group of native Iraqis in Freeport, there's no fear the day before they place their personal stake in democracy. Instead, there's widespread excitement, even downright pandemonium.

These native Iraqis in Freeport are making the trip of a lifetime Saturday.

They will head to Rosemont to cast their vote in Iraq's first Democratic election in 50 years. This group escaped Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime in the early 1990s, a brutal state with little citizen control.

Now, these Iraqis will have all the control, ballot box by ballot box. While the Iraqis aren't sure about the turnout in their country, they're excited about democracy's critical first step: voting.

"You have to go somewhere to get something. It's not everything is simple. It takes time. It will take time to make up for the 35 years, the 35 years of Saddam Hussein building," Khadhim Al-Inezi said.