More Concessions Come From Maintenance Workers

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A major vote on outsourcing in the Rockford Public School District was postponed this past week. Now, about 190 custodians are taking additional steps to save the district money and save their jobs.

Janitors in the Rockford Building Maintenance Association, or RBMA, met for more than three hours Saturday.

Union President Jeff Phelan tells 23 News they voted on new concessions. It is still not known just how much more dollars this could save the district. The offer on the table now includes about $2.4 million in concessions. Phelan says significant movement was made at Saturday’s meeting.

Phelan says, “It’s been a very hard decision for the members. Basically they are voting on all the things that they have worked for years to be able to receive. You can’t get that back.”

The district and RBMA were supposed to negotiate again on Thursday, but Phelan hopes to move that meeting up.