Rockford Airport Could Land New Airline

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Starting in January, passengers flying out of the Rockford Airport could be headed to some new destinations. The airport board is set to vote Monday on a new airline service provider.

“We’re certainly very hopeful that after all the long, hard work of both staff, the board and the prospective airline that the proposal will be received and approved and we might announce additional air service,” says Bob O’Brien, the executive director for the airport.

“I feel good about the proposal. I think it's something that would be very beneficial for us and hopefully it's something that the airport board will approve, and I think they will,” said Mayor Doug Scott.

While the airline and destinations aren't being revealed, we do know that the airport is focusing on flights from a list of the top 15 leisure and business destinations. That list, which was compiled from an online survey, includes Denver, Las Vegas and even Los Angeles.

The new airline is expected to bring in over 100,000 passengers, which is also good news for Rockford’s economy.

“Everybody wins when you get air service. You didn't just get air service, you got jobs related to air service; airport taxes going down, not up. It's a wonderful thing and it's a powerful thing when properly done,” says O’Brien.

The board is expected to vote Monday and we should know by late that evening if we have a new airline in Rockford.

If the new airline is approved O’Brien says the airport will double their passenger hold area, and anyone flying out of Rockford can also look forward to free parking. The airport expects to have an additional 400 parking spots ready by the end of the month.