Local Business Accused of Home Repair Fraud

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Last month we told you about a Rockford business accused of home repair fraud. Since then, Illinois Attorney Gen. Lisa Madigan has filed suit against David Hall of Classic Decks.

Since our story aired we've received several phone calls and e-mails from other customers who've had bad experiences with Mr. Hall. 23 News reporter Nichole Vrsansky has this update.

"Taken, totally taken," that's how Diane Smith describes her experience with David Hall.

Back in July of 2003, she paid him $5,000 to build a roof over her deck.

"Weeks went by, nothing showed up, no materials, no anything. I called him all of the time and he had one excuse after another," says Smith.

From July 28 and all through August Diane kept a record of each time she called Hall; almost every time she received no response.

"I thought he was honest. I trusted this man and I was totally taken," says Smith.

Hall has now filed for bankruptcy, it's actually the eighth time he's done so. His last chapter 13 filing was in 2002. It was dismissed and Mr. Hall was barred from refiling for a year. However, the pattern still concerns those at the Better Business Bureau.

"We would hope that the judges look at history before allowing someone to file bankruptcy especially when there've been injured parties in the past," says Dennis Horton of the Rockford Regional Better Business Bureau.

"If we can get enough people to show up for court to show a judge what he's dong then maybe we as a community can work together to solve a big problem," adds Smith.

Smith did hire another contractor to clear up her deck problems but she's convinced her problems with Mr. Hall were not unique. She hopes by speaking out she'll build more support for her case.

Hall referred all comments about his case to his attorney Randy Wilt, but wilt never returned our phone calls. Hall will be back in court December 3 as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.