Land Preservation

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Ninety two acres of magnificent natural beauty will soon be set in the caring hands of the Boone Bounty Conservation District. The Trust for Public Land, or TPL, a national non-profit conservation organization, bought the land from the Nelson family trust earlier this month on behalf of the BCCD.

"Coming up with the funds can be difficult. TPL will purchase the land and hold it until we can buy it from them," says BCCD director Dan Kane.

The purchase of the land is vital to Boone County conservation efforts as Belvidere development expands at an astounding rate.

"The cost of property isn't getting any cheaper, so we're trying to acquire land while we have the opportunity," says Kane.

The new land will not only increase the continuity of BCCD property, but it will allow the organization to preserve critical natural habitats and provide additional recreational resources for the public.

"We're helping to protect and preserve the quality of the river, preserve and restore habitats, continue educational programs," says Kane.

So fortunately, this isn't just a scene captured in a postcard, it's natural beauty that will be preserved right here in Boone County for generations of stateliners to enjoy.

TPL says the land was purchased for $360,000. BCCD owns about 2,000 acres of land.