Kidney Wanted

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Every day people place ads in newspaper classifieds, usually to find or sell something. Well last week a local family placed an ad hoping that someone would answer it and save their four year old girls life. Well someone did.

David Harper doesn't even know this little girl but when he was looking through the classifieds last week and saw a desperate ad that four year old Angela Rushford's mother placed to find her a kidney...he said it was a call for help he had to answer.

David Harper is a husband and father of two. But when he came across this personal ad last week about a four-year-old girl in desperate need of a kidney. David said he knew he had to risk losing his family to help this girl.

" I feel like this is something I need to do. I'm "o" positive and it was in a newspaper I never picked up before. I just think it's a sign that I need to do this," said David Harper.

David called Betty and Tony Rushford that night to let them know he was going to donate his kidney to their daughter. It was something they say brought them to tears.

"We we're amazed. We were happy and clapping. It's unbelievable, said Tony Rushford.

The Rushford's' say that they placed Angela on the national kidney donor list but didn't have much success. They say that her degenerative condition forced them to look at every alternative. They just can't believe the response they received.

"We thought maybe one person would call but we thought we had to try, " said Tony and Betty Rushford.
Instead 10 people called. And David tanner doesn't believe he is courageous for wanting to donate his kidney to someone he doesn't even know. He says the courageous one is Angela.

"I can function on one kidney but she can't. She can't function now in a normal day-to-day way so this will help her. She's only four years old. She has a lot of life ahead of her, " said Harper

As for David's family...they say their scared they could lose their father if something goes wrong, but say they wouldn't have it any other way.

"" I'm proud of him for doing this. It's just something he has to do," said David Harper Jr.

And Angela says she's so happy someone would do something like this for her. .

"Thank you, " said 4-year-old Angela Rushford.

David will be tested on Monday to make sure that donating his kidney won't jeopardize his life. If everything works out, Angela could have a new kidney by Christmas. Now, David hasn't met but they're hoping to that after the Rushford's get back from Disney World next week.