12-Year-Old Roscoe Girl Raises Funds for Rescue Mission

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For months, a 12-year-old girl has posted fliers and gathered volunteers in order to organize a fundraiser all in an effort to help the homeless.

Sadie Farmer, a sixth grader at Stephen Mack Middle School, put together a pancake breakfast at Applebee's Saturday morning with proceeds going towards the Rockford Rescue Mission.

Her father and Rockford policeman, Kenneth Farmer, gathered a group of officers to step in as the wait staff.

But the breakfast was not about the food; Sadie believes everyone deserves a roof over their head.

"What if the tables were turned and you were homeless," asked Sadie. "Wouldn't you want help back on your feet? That's the question I turn in my head all the time. I think it's just important that everybody has somewhere warm to be and somewhere cool to be in the summer and winter."

The event saw close to 200 people eating a helping of pancakes and collected nearly $2,000 for the rescue mission.

Rockford Rescue Mission: 815-965-5332
Carpenter's Place: 815-964-4105
Red Cross: 815-063-8471
Maya's House: 815-964-5520
MELD at Trinity House Shelter: 815-963-3369
Shelter Care Ministries: 815-964-5520
His Glory Christian Outreach: 815-547-8287

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