Meeting on Violence

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Freeport community members came together in reaction to a shooting in the city two weeks ago. Citizens of the city feel that crime has been on the increase in recent years.

"Things have really drastically changed since I was a child; I mean, you didn't hear of neighborhood shootings and young people shooting each other. In fact, it was a long time before we even had a death here so things have drastically changed,” shares Dr. Dorothy Muse.

The objective of the meeting was to piece together what the community has been doing wrong, and more importantly what they can do to remedy the current situation. Through work with his organization Cease Fire, Violence Prevention Coordinator Ralph Hawthorne has helped lower violent crime in both Chicago and Rockford. Wednesday night Hawthorn offered his advice to members of the community.

"I’m just gonna share some of the things that we have had success with in other places so Freeport can glean off some of those things in order to make an impact in Freeport,” Hawthorne says.

There were many topics touched on during the meeting, but the one theme that kept reoccurring was that change starts at home. More meetings are being scheduled for the future, but all in attendance agreed that the thing to do now is act.

"We just need to reach everybody, the whole community, white, black, Asian, all colors,” Muse adds.